2018 leaders

Hitters of the year

Christian Yelich

Mike Trout


Pitchers of the year

Jacob deGrom

Blake Snell


Best value batters

Trevor Story

Alex Bregman


Best value pitchers

Aaron Nola

Blake Snell

Where were they born

Where do MLB players come from? Where did they come from in the past? A brief history of America. The decline NE hegemony, the rise of new national power centers, globalization, and the outsourcing of the national pastime more...

A way to measure fielding

Seven factor FIP inning state runs (7fFIPisr) measures the number of runs saved or allowed due to fielding performance. The data used to compute it is publically available from Retrosheet play by play game logs. more...

Team Breakdown Charts

The team breakdown charts show the productivity of each player on a team in enabling the team to score or prevent runs and win games. It breaks down each player productivity by position in the field or by spot in the batting order. more...

A functional relationship for game state wins

An algorithm for determining the number of wins a player produces over a season, based on the change of expected probability of a win while transitioning from one game state to another, using the historical game event data collected over the season.

Some game states are rarely visited, which leads to anomolous behavior in the expected win probability in neighboring states. The algorithm applies a cumulative normal distribution curve fit to the most visited game states, and extends it to less visited states to achieve a behavior that's rational and well ordered. more...

MLB baseball: sport or entertainment?

Is baseball, or more specifically, Major League Baseball, a sport, or is it just entertainment? What defines a sport? Does baseball meet that definition? And, lastly, does it matter? more...

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